How to Avoid Sinus Issues

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Most people don’t even consider their sinuses until they start to have a problem with them. You can fly through life easily for years without a single sinus problem until, all of a sudden, you feel the telltale pain and pressure that a sinus headache brings. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to avoid sinus issues. Here are some tips and how an ENT, and ear, nose, and throat specialist, can assist you.

Wash Your Hands

Your mother may have told you to keep your hands away from your nose, and she was right. While it is the simplest piece of advice for avoiding sinus problems, people forget, don’t like to, or wash their hand inadequately. When you are in public spaces, pay attention to what you touch and where your hands go next. Especially with your cell phones and resting your hands against your face. When you pay attention, you’ll realize just how often you much you might be touching your face.

Sure, there are germs and contaminants you can pick up just from the air, such as with coughing and sneezing. So help out your fellow humans and work to cover your own sneezes and coughs. If you cover your nose and mouth with your hands, immediately go wash your hands. Don’t offer a dirty hand for a handshake. Use the crook of your arm and cover your face when you sneeze. A little bit of effort here can go a long way.

Avoid Irritating Exposure 

There are so many reasons to quit smoking, and avoiding sinus problems is just one more. But also, try to avoid second-hand smoke as well. Have friends and family members smoke outside of your home and car, and get your work to implement a smoking space away from building entrances. Nothing is worse than having no option for getting into work other than running through a cloud of second-hand smoke.

Avoid candles. Introducing soot that can be irritating to your sinuses is not a good idea for your home. Even if it smells good, it’s not healthy for you. Instead, put a pot of water with citrus, herbs, spices, and seeds on your stove and allow it to simmer to fill your home with lovely smells.

Stay on Top of Your Allergies

There are a lot of tips for avoiding allergy outbreaks such as making sure you vacuum often, dust often, wear a mask while cleaning or yard working, washing sheets in 140F water, and using allergen-proof covers for bedding are all helpful.

Drink Water

Keep your nasal passages moist to help prevent dryness and irritation. Your nasal passageways are surprisingly good at keeping out particles when they are operating effectively. Drink a lot of water and make sure the humidity is set in your home to not dry out your sinuses.

Should you have a sinus infection or problem that is reoccuring or not going away, contact Palm Beach Sinus Doctors for help. While you might think it is a cold or just allergies, it could be sinusitis.