Why Keep Dealing With
The Constant Pain, Pressure, Stuffiness and Drainage
of Sinus Problems
Over and Over and Over Again?

Dr. Dedo Is One of Palm Beach’s Only ENT Specialists
To Offer A Quick, Safe, No-Scalpel Procedure
That Gives Sinus Sufferers Their Lives Back!

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Do your friends and family think you’re EXAGGERATING your sinus problems?

That’s because THEY don’t suffer from the HEADACHES… the PRESSURE in their ears and teeth… the TENDERNESS in their face… the constant DRAINAGE… and the SORE throat and cough that you may endure.


No matter if you’ve:

X Tried the nose sprays

X Taken antibiotics and steroids

X Even had sinus surgery


And NONE of it brought you the continuous relief you hoped for…


You May Be A Candidate
For Dr. Dedo’s Balloon Sinuplasty Solution


Many of Dr. Dedo’s patients lived with sinusitis and even sinus infections. Month after month. Year after year. And nothing gave them real, long-term relief. That is, until they tried a simple yet effective outpatient procedure that works for 95% of sinus sufferers.


Today, their lives are back to normal…

  • They’re BREATHING normal again
  • They SLEEP the whole night through
  • They experience the OUTDOORS — Even during allergy season
  • They have more ENERGY
  • And their headaches, pressure, stuffiness and drainage are GONE!


“The beauty of this procedure is that it’s done in my office under local anesthesia. It only takes an hour or two, and the results are immediate
and surprisingly effective.”

- Dr. Douglas Dedo, MD ENT/Sinus Surgeon

Dr. Douglas Dedo: A Leading Provider Of Balloon Sinuplasty

In practice for 40 years in Palm Beach County, Dr. Dedo is a Board Certified Sinus(ENT) Doctor. To best serve his patients, he brings not only tried and true medical and surgical treatments, but also the latest techniques. He was selected by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top doctors in his field.

If you’ve had sinus surgery or you’ve been told you’re a surgery candidate, consider this simple procedure instead. Not only is it very safe and effective, not only is the procedure just an hour or so in the office, you can expect to resume normal activity in just about two days!

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Fair Warning:
Dr. Dedo’s calendar fills up very quickly.
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* While there is no charge for your consultation, there is a fee for any exam according to your insurance company’s contract with Dr. Dedo. If you have symptoms of sinusitis, a CT scan of your sinuses will be taken if authorized by your insurance company.