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What are Adenoids?

When your child can’t breathe properly, you are naturally concerned. One of the biggest causes of breathing problems in children is enlarged or infected adenoids. What are Adenoids? Do we actually need them? 

Adenoids are tissues you can find behind the nose area in the throat. They work along with the tonsils to fight infection. As part of the lymphatic system, they are important for immune function, and they also keep the fluids of the body balanced. As bacteria and viruses enter the body through the mouth and nose, they first encounter the tonsils and adenoids. So, you can almost consider them the gatekeepers of the body in this sense.

Most adults who never had adenoid problems as children have never heard of them. This is because they reduce in size after a child turns 5 years old, and by the time they are teens, the adenoids are nearly gone altogether. The body shifts this line of defense to other systems to fight infections by then.

Tonsils and Adenoids

While most people are familiar with tonsillectomies (surgery to remove the tonsils), adenoidectomies are not as well known. However, the procedures are similar and sometimes done at the same time. Your doctor may advise removing your adenoids, or your child’s adenoids, if infections occur too often. Frequent infections may result in enlarged adenoids, inflammation, and irritation which can cause trouble breathing, sleeping, ear infections, sinus infections, and snoring.

Keep in mind that the adenoids are not always removed along with the tonsils and adenoids can be removed on their own as well. If only an adenoidectomy is required, the procedure is outpatient and takes about 30 minutes. Recovery is typically quick, but there could be some pain in the ears or throat. Fortunately, patients tend to manage this pretty well with over-the-counter pain medication.

Complete Sinus and Adenoid Care

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