What Happens If I Don’t Treat My Sinus Infection?

sinus infections

A sinus infection, otherwise known as sinusitis, is a result of bacteria or virus that causes swelling and inflammation in the tissue that make up your sinuses. But what happens when you don’t seek medical help for your sinus infection?

It gets worse

You may already be experiencing the pressure, swelling, and inflammation associated with sinusitis, even if you have an acute infection. It’s common to lose smell, but in particularly bad cases, you might lose your smell for good. Your conditions may worsen if you don’t seek help. Your headaches may become more intense and you can become lethargic and fatigued. If you start vomiting, lose vision, or experience confusion, get to a doctor quickly.

Worst case scenarios

Meningitis is one of the worst results from an untreated sinus infection. This occurs when the infection spreads to the brain, forming an abscess and causing inflammation. Meningitis can be fatal.

Some people may also experience bone complications in the face. As a result of the infection, your frontal bone in the head may begin to swell if it becomes infected as well.

Mucocele occurs when a blockage prevents your mucus from draining properly, spreading the infection outside of the sinuses. Surgery might be needed to remove the blockage and treat the worsening infection.

Other eye problems may also develop if the infection spreads to the eye sockets. You can identify this problem if your eyelids begin to swell, your eyes are particularly sore and you have trouble moving them, or if you have double vision.

Of course, these are worst-case scenarios. With the right treatment, your sinus infection is likely temporary.

You continue to suffer

Unfortunately, even with medical treatment, you may still suffer from sinus infections. Around one in every five patients don’t receive relief from medical therapy, like antibiotics and steroids. This is when a doctor might recommend you get surgery for your nose infection.

One of the best ways to get rid of chronic sinusitis is to undergo a balloon sinuplasty. This procedure was cleared by the FDA in 2005 and many patients have been able to achieve relief from their sinus issues. Call or visit the Palm Beach Sinus Doctors today if your chronic sinus infections have become too much.