Marshall Faulk, a NFL MVP, Superbowl Champion, and Broadcaster, was amazed with how Balloon Sinuplasty works. After trying everything like allergy medicines, nasal pumps, and other homeopathic remedies to get rid of sinusitis, he was surprised that such a simple procedure can ease his suffering. With a little recovery time, he was capable of breathing and living his normal life again.

Waking up with headache, congested sinuses, ears blocked and feeeling nauseated held back Carrie Monti from enjoying the places her family were going, but after undergoing with Balloon Sinuplasty she is now more active outside. She is now symptom-free and medication-free as well. She guarantees that this procedure will let your life improve a hundred percent.

It has been a challenge for Evelyn Hammond to perform the duties of her job as an Operating Room Nurse to suffer from chronic sinusitis for 20 years. She have tried Conventional Sinus surgery but the nasal packing, numerous irrigations, and continuous headaches felt very uncomfortable. However, after trying Balloon Sinuplasty there was no bleeding and she was immediately breathing better. It’s like she never had any sinus problem at all. She went back to work three days after surgery and she can now stay outdoors a lot. She was back to being able to breathe and do a lot of things.

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Palm Beach ENT Testimonial from patient