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sinusitis in palm beach

Sinusitis in Palm Beach – How common is it?

How common is sinusitis in Palm Beach? Sinusitis, or rhino-sinusitis, is an ailment that affects as many as 30 million Americans each year, or around ten percent of the population. It can happen due to several reasons. These include things like viral infections (being the most common cause), allergens, bacterial infections such as Streptococcus pneumoniae,…

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allergies and your hearing

3 Common Health Conditions An ENT Can Help With

Your face is host to most of your critical sensory organs. Your ear, nose, and throat alone are responsible for hearing, smelling, and eating. Unfortunately, with a great concentration of important sensory information comes the risk of medical conditions like sinusitis. Thankfully, medical professionals called ear nose and throat doctors (or ENTs) specialize in this…

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nasal sprays

Sinusitis Signs, Symptoms, and Causes

Understanding the symptoms of sinusitis is important in getting the right treatment. Sinusitis is an awfully irritating and often quite painful infection categorized by the blockage of the nasal passages. There are three classifications demarking the severity of the sinusitis based on duration. Acute sinusitis is temporary, lasting less than four weeks. Subacute is described…

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