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4 Ways to Tell the Difference Between a Cold and Allergies

Can’t Tell Whether it’s a Cold or Allergies? The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reports that nasal allergies affect roughly 50 million people in the United States. From pollen particles to dust mites, nasal irritants are everywhere. People who live with allergies are reminded of this annoying fact every spring. If you are sick…

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nasal endoscopy

Sinusitis Exam 101 – What to Expect

What should a patient expect during a sinusitis exam? If you have certain symptoms, such as pain or pressure in the facial areas, headaches, or a bad cough, the ENT will give you a physical exam for sinusitis. During this sinusitis exam, the doctor thoroughly looks at the ears, nose, and throat to see if anything is…

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How is Acute Sinusitis Treated at Palm Beach Sinus Doctors?

How is acute sinusitis treated? Acute sinusitis is a common viral or bacterial infection of the para-nasal sinuses. It can cause severe headaches, discolored nasal drainage, breathing difficulties, restlessness, and facial pain, among other problems. It can resolve on its own, but doctors may recommend any of following treatments for stubborn cases. Decongestants Nasal decongestants…

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Symptoms of Acute Sinusitis – Palm Beach Sinus Doctors

What are the symptoms of acute sinusitis? Did you ever have a cold that stuck around a lot longer than it should have? Chances are, if it lasted longer than 10-14 days, you probably had sinusitis, an infection or inflammation of the sinuses. Understanding the symptoms of acute sinusitis can help you know when to…

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