What is the Nasal Endoscopy Procedure at Palm Beach Sinus Doctors?

nasal endoscopy

Nasal Endoscopy 101 

Sinus issues can be extremely problematic for many people. When you are suffering, you just want it resolved because suffering means falling behind with your work, not getting to enjoy your favorite hobbies and activities, and overall, just feeling yucky.

One of the biggest issues with solving a sinus problem is determining the root cause. There are multiple conditions that can bring out sinus infections. It could be a deviated septum, a tear in the septum, a polyp, or a blockage. Figuring out the exact cause of your problem helps determine the proper course of treatment. You may need a balloon sinuplasty or immunotherapy. One way your ENT doctor can determine the root cause of your sinus problems is with a nasal endoscopy procedure.

When does an ENT suggest a nasal endoscopy?

If you have had a blockage in your nasal passages, excessive drainage, headaches, pain in your face and around your eyes, sinusitis, lowered ability to smell, or nosebleeds, your ENT may suggest a nasal endoscopy:

Nasal Endoscopy Basics

An endoscope is a piece of equipment that looks like a long tube with a small camera and and light at the end. It allows your doctor to be able to see your nose and sinus cavity. The images from the endoscopy are what the ENT uses to refer to when making a diagnosis. It is usually an in-office procedure and is extremely common in any ENT practice.

First, your technician will put some numbing medicine in your nose and give you a decongestant. Then, the doctor will insert the tube of the endoscope. They will  look at your septum, your sinuses, your adenoids (if you have them), and other areas inside your nose. They will check for any abnormal growths or look for anything that looks out of the ordinary.

Does it hurt?

The endoscopy is not painful, but it can feel a bit uncomfortable. That is what the numbing medicine helps with so the tube can be inserted without pain. The numb feeling may spread to your mouth and throat, but don’t worry, it wears off within an hour. We’ll ask you to not eat or drink until you no longer feel numb.

The nasal endoscopy procedure only takes a few minutes so any discomfort you feel is very short-lived. It’s an important tool in your ENT’s toolbox to diagnose problems such as tumors, polyps, blockages, and deviated septums.

ENT doctors manage a wide variety of health concerns

From allergies, to sinus problems, to facial pain, ENTs are the top choice for handling medical issues related to your ears, nose, throat and even more. Contact Palm Beach Sinus Doctors today to make an appointment with our office.