Finding Your New ENT Doctor – How Choose the Right One for You

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Choosing a new ENT doctor can be a difficult choice for some. Most of the time, patients wait just a bit too long to start looking and end up doing their search when they aren’t feeling food. At that point, you just want someone to make it feel better.

However, in order to do that, your ENT needs to go over your symptoms and determine your condition, come up with a treatment plan, and go over your medical history. Since you want relief fast, it’s best to have a regular ENT doctor you can turn to when sinuses, ear infections, sore throats, and other issues arise. Here are some quick tips for choosing an ENT doctor who is qualified to treat all of your potential conditions.

Are they Board Certified?

Before anything else, you want to check to be sure that a potential ENT is certified as an otolaryngologist. A doctor who go through their premedical undergraduate work, goes to med school, spends 5 years in an ENT residency, and then passes the ENT exam given by the ABO, American Board of Otolaryngology is a certified ENT.

Do they Specialize?

There are various specializations an ENT can obtain with additional training beyond the above path. For instance, an ENT may specialize in otolaryngology for pediatrics or allergies. If you have an especially unique need, specialization may make sense for you or your child. Otherwise, most ENTs can treat just about every possible ENT condition.

What are the surgical facilities?

ENTs are not just physicians. They can also do surgeries. Some of the various treatments that ENTs administer require surgery, so it’s a good idea to determine in advance what the facility options are. Sometimes, ENTs can perform common procedures right in their office. Ask if their office is equipped to handle outpatient care without needing to go to the hospital. For instance, you might need a balloon sinuplasty to treat a chronic sinus condition. Do they have the anesthesia capability for you to have this done in their office? A well-equipped office will be able to do this and more.

For a more difficult cse, you may need to have surgery in a hospital. Most ENTs partner with various hospital systems. Check their accreditation and ensure it is a good facility.

Check Online and Get Referrals

There are multiple sites available now that allow patients to review their physician experiences. Google, Yelp, and Facebook all have review features you can check out. These are a good place to start, but asking for referrals from previous patients is great as well. Perhaps there is someone who had a similar experience as you who you can talk to. Also, check for referrals from family members, friends, peers, and neighbors.

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